There are multiple reasons that granite counter tops are among the latest high-end options for your kitchen and bathroom. Their attractiveness appears to have stamina – and could be growing – as new granite kitchen counter options are created designed for home remodeling. Listed below are the 5 great things about installing granite counter tops.

Granite is Rough and Durable
Granite is rock-hard, basically. It’s second and then gemstone in conditions of the funnel of natural materials. When properly installed, it’ll be the last counter top you ever before need. If you replace it later on, it’ll be because you want to rather than because you have to. It resists chipping, scratching and breaking. For their hardness, granite vancouver countertops are also high temperature resistant. If you do have the ability to chip or split the granite, it is a comparatively easy thing to repair, with regards to the severeness of the destruction. While it’s not suggested, if you once in a while establish a hot skillet or tray on the counter top, it won’t harm it just how it could laminate, hardwood and other softer materials.

Maintenance is simple
The granite counters must be properly closed, and that’s why it’s a good idea with an experienced professional do the unit installation. But when closed in line with the manufacturer’s suggestions, the granite kitchen counter will avoid staining and bacterias. You can even seal them yourself. This makes cleanup easy using cleaning soap and normal water, or with a cleaner suitable for your granite. Reach spilled drink quickly – that you must do with ANY kitchen counter materials – and you’ll like a stain-free counter-top surface that appears like new for many years.

Granite Raises a Home’s Value
New granite counter tops help your house be more valuable as well as more appealing. The roi is often as high as 100%. Which means they’ll potentially boost your home’s market value by the total amount you may spend on them.

Here’s one other way to check out it. If audience are considering two homes as well as your home has granite counter tops as the other one doesn’t, the granite might create the difference where home they choose.

They’re an excellent Long-term Investment
While you’re enjoying your counter tops created from granite over another 30+ years, one neighbor might be exchanging their laminate counters 3 x while another replaces timber countertops double and has them refinished several times. They’ll last doubly long as popular materials like quartz or soapstone in some instances. Here’s the idea: Within the long-run, granite counter tops are an extremely cost-effective solution for most homeowners.

Granite Counter tops Offer Stunning Beauty
That is why you’re considering them, right? For almost all their other attributes, what really sticks out about granite counters are their stunning appearance. The natural selling point of the stone, using its textured, gently-hued beauty, is unsurpassed by most any other materials.


Granite counters work very well in your kitchen and bathroom. They key is to keep these things installed by a skilled professional who’ll properly seal them. If they’ve recently been installed, they still have to be sealed. Be sure to hire a skilled professional, or do-it-yourself. Keep granite countertops retained, and they’ll continue steadily to give you fantastic beauty and performance in the years ahead.

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