Are you sure that your furnace is going to be fully operational throughout the cold winter months that are coming? Small problems that are not taking care of during the summer months can lead to serious issues during the winter. Having your furnace breakdown during the winter months is not time for celebration. The following tips will ensure that your furnace is ready to fire off during the coldest of winter months.

Repeatedly Starting and Stopping

When a furnace consistently starts and then stops again, there is something within the system that is not allowing the furnace to complete a full cycle. Sadly, there are a wide number of reasons for this type of failure including dirty heating sensors and dying fan motors.

Color Of The Furnace Flame

When the furnace ignites, take time to glance at the color of the flame. In many cases, there is no longer a need to open the service store as there should be an easy access area for flame viewing.

A yellowish blame is the telltale sign of a dirty burner and indicates that gas is not properly burning completely. This situation means that your furnace is not only inefficient but it is not ventilating carbon monoxide properly.

Rusted Flue

Another issue that can lead to improper ventilation of carbon monoxide is a rusted flue. If you have recently had water damage to the home in the form of a leaking roof or pipe, it is possible that your flue has become damaged in the process. A gas furnace will produce massive amounts of carbon dioxide which must leave the house for the process of a functional flue. If the flue has rusted through or been damaged, there is the possibility of carbon monoxide reentering the home.


Windows, walls and ceilings that have built up moisture within the home is typically do to the lack of airflow. In many cases, the home will feature damp or stagnant air that is due to a broken vent system or furnace.

Utility Bills

Utility bills can rise to to a number of issues. Many times, homeowners are faced with higher utility bills during severe winter months when a furnace is required to operate at extreme circumstances. However, if you are still facing high utility bills during moderate seasons there may be an internal problem with the furnace. Tab the first step is to check the filter of the furnace and ensure that it is clean. A dirty furnace filter will obstruct airflow to the furnace and make it work harder than it needs to.

Water Leaks

A puddle of water surrounded in a furnace can be a serious issue if not dealt with early. The first part of the process is to determine where the water originated from. If your home is running an air conditioner, the condensate line is usually the main culprit to to a clog or leak. However, if the water is coming directly from the furnace there may be a more serious problem at fault any professional should deal with it as early as possible.

Animal Damage

While many of us love animals, we do not appreciate them in our homes nor damaging our furnace systems. If you happen to notice animal droppings or nested materials in your home, it is essential to check for chewed wires as well as blockages within the vents. Likewise, it is essential to safely check your roof and ensure vent hoods are clear of any debris and damage.for more details you can visit Acticalc Heating & Cooling company

End Of Service

A high quality furnace will typically offer the homeowner 20 years of dependable service. With regular maintenance and service that timeframe can be extended. Always keep in mind that it is better to replace a furnace on your timetable as opposed to its timetable. Because more than likely, its timetable is to break down in the middle of winter on the coldest night possible.

Uneven Temperatures

Many people find themselves continuously updated in the thermostat within their home, if this is the case call upon the technician for your furnace and thermostat. In many cases, it may be something simple with the thermostat or there can be an issue with the furnace not being able to comfortably heat the home.

Repeat Service Calls

New and old furnaces alike require maintenance and service calls throughout their lifetimes. However, if you have a furnace that has a recurring problem it may mean there is something more serious. If you have had to make multiple service calls on the same problem over the course of two years, you may want to consider a replacement furnace.

Cold Areas

If you’ve noticed that there are specific areas within your home that always remain cold, it is likely due to the furnace not being able to warm the entire house or the ventilation system is not able to properly circulate the warm air throughout the home.

Furnace Noise

The vast majority of furnaces will make noise throughout their operation. However, if you find that your furnace is making an increase in number of noises including shaking and rattling, it could be a sign that there is a mechanical element that has become loose within the system. It would be a wise decision to call upon the services of a technician for a tuneup.

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