The Swiss Law gives the landlord the to require a deposit of three times the monthly net rent to be blocked on the bank account. Rather than blocking an important sum of money you can use the services of a Security company which issues a security certificate against total annual fees.

The Rental Security deposit is replacing the blocked bank account and everything the agencies accept the Rental security certificate.

Save money and time

You will only pay from your day you move around in through the 1st year, not absolutely all year long.

(160.- Frs for the very first year if the lease contract starts in January, February and March, 130.- Frs if the lease contract starts on April, May and June, 100.- Frs if the lease contract starts in July, August and September 50.- Frs if the lease starts in October, November and December).

A security deposit is an amount of cash that is paid with a tenant to the landlord usually before a tenancy commences or on the date of commencement of the tenancy. This deposit is held by the landlord which is returned by the end of the tenancy to the tenant, once no rent arrears, bills, taxes or charges are due or damage beyond normal deterioration has occured.

The security deposit is considered the lawful property of the tenant until the landlord establishes the right to it. Go to mietkaution schweiz for more details.

Just how much is a deposit?

For tenancies that started on or after 9 August 2021, a landlord cannot seek a deposit for a house that is more than the same as one month’s rent for the property. The security deposit should be agreed and a signed and dated receipt provided to both the landlord and tenant.

When should a security deposit be paid?

A tenant will normally pay a deposit within agreeing to rent a property. It is strongly recommended that a tenant only pays a deposit when they are happy with the house and the conditions and conditions of the letting and are clear on everyone’s rights and responsibilities. A tenant should avoid paying a deposit in cash and always get a receipt.

It should be agreed that the tenancy has begun after the deposit is paid and the keys handed over. in case a deposit is exchanged but the tenancy does not begin for several days and a problem occurs then as a tenancy has not begun yet, it is beyond your jurisdiction of the RTB.

Who holds the security deposit?

First of the tenancy it ought to be clear who is holding the security deposit and who’ll be responsible to come back it by the end of the tenancy. Contact information on the landlord and agent retaining the deposit should also be obtained first of the tenancy. The contact information on a landlord should be provided regardless of who retains the deposit.

In times where a realtor is leasing the house with respect to the landlord, the deposit is normally paid to the agent. This deposit is usually paid over to the landlord by the agent after the tenancy commences.

When should a deposit to be returned?

A security deposit should be returned after the tenancy ends and the tenancy agreement has been honoured. The deposit doesn’t have to be returned to the tenant on the day they leave the accommodation, nevertheless the landlord must return the deposit promptly. Time should be allowed for an inspection by the end of the tenancy, and for just about any repairs/ cleaning to be completed.

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