Deciding on the best wig that compliments your look can be difficult. There’s grounds clients contact Strut Hair Solutions for a wig consultation. This guide will provide you with a detailed look on various wig types and wig styles, while making tips how to choose a wig.

Here’s the fundamentals to consider whenever choosing a Perücken for the very first time:

The form of that person
Amount of the wig
Cap construction of the wig
Hair Texture
The versatility of the wig
Let’s look into a few of the types of wigs you can choose from.


Due to the variety of wigs in the market, many clients tend to be overwhelmed which wig to choose. Your stylist will request you to choose between the ready-made, human hair & semi-custom wigs. Ready-made wigs are synthetic, styled beforehand, and are basically a one-size-fits-all solution. However, if you want, your stylist can customize the synthetic hair for you, through trimming and thinning. One of the better reasons for having synthetic wigs is that they are extremely affordable.

Semi custom-made wigs (usually human hair) your stylist can color the hair, perm or order custom changes to the quantity of hair or length on your preference. You will observe they are quite comfortable because so many are a medical grade cap construction of 100% hand tied material. Your stylist can add greater detail on leading hairline as well.

100% Hand Tied Caps
These kinds of wigs contain full lace and monofilament styles. The full lace falls in the categories of glass-silk, swiss lace, and 100% hand-tied systems, while the monofilament styles fall in the types of single units, double units, and 100% hand-tied units. The monofilament material includes excellent lace-like material in the types of nylon mesh and polyester.

Customers who’ve a sensitive scalp can comfortably wear this wig because it has a breathable top. It will comply with your scalp’s color because the hand-tied hair on the monofilament wig shows your scalp color by way of a mesh blend base. Additionally it is challenging to find the hairline, and you will comfortably part the hair as you desire. The full lace category uses urethane strips to attach the adhesives.


Some of the monofilament styles contain a combo style that is included with a hand-tied top, while the back and sides are machine-made. This sort of wig could be very affordable and gets the benefits associated with a hand-tied mesh unit. The lace front wigs contain a lace portion in leading of the machine, as well as your stylist can customize it to fit properly on your hairline.

Addititionally there is the welded lace that contains fibers that are woven tightly together to create a fabric. This can make it easy for your stylist to part the machine as you wish. Another benefit would be that the welded lace is very durable. There’s also French drawn units comprising three layers of material, mostly two layers of glass-silk, and one layer of the swiss lace. Be careful with the lace front wigs, you don’t want to stretch the lace and it won’t go back to its original shape.


There will vary types of knots in wig construction to keep in mind when choosing a wig. You have the single knot, which consists of a knot tied where in fact the hairs fall back in a loop through the knot. There is also the single split knot, with a knot tied only one time. Unlike an individual knot, the single split knot has only 1 hair that loops through the knot. The double knot is entirely secure because the hairstylist ties it twice. You have the double split knot that appears like the single knot, but it is really as strong as the double knot. Lastly, the V-loop knot is where in fact the hairstylist sews the hair in a V or a U shape through the bottom material while ensuring extra security.


You have the human hair that looks and feels as though natural hair. It also allows you to semi customize the wig to your preference. Human hair is durable, and with the right care, it can last up to 1 year or longer.

There is also synthetic hair, which frequently looks and feels as though human hair. However, you should not style it as you wish. The hair doesn’t need any form of maintenance, and you will put it on immediately after purchase. Synthetic hair only lasts about four to six months with the right type of care.

Lastly, there is the heat-friendly synthetic hair that you can style as you wish. It is less durable in support of lasts two to three months, with regards to the care. They remain perfecting this material.

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