If you’re looking for that perfect flush pull finish among the many designs available, you’re in for a treat. The Manovella Sliding Door Flush Pull selection are high-quality grade hardware that comes with two versatile finishes, Satin Brass and Matt Black. These finishes come in the standard sizes -120mm, 150mm, or 250 mm that are perfect to use for your sliding doors, pocket doors, cavity doors, barn doors, cabinets, and drawers.

Sliding and pocket doors are versatile architectural elements that are heaven-sent for the space-starved interior or if you are aiming for a more dramatic entryway. Add an air of sophistication to these seamless doorways with our Satin Brass finished Flush Pulls. The eye-catching hints of soft yellow gives your living space that perfect juxtaposition for a white-washed minimalistic interior or a complementary hue for your Hygge-inspired apartment.

Our satin brass finishes don’t stop with our door flush pulls, as you’ll find our gorgeous Satin Brass Passage or Privacy Door Handles as exquisite complements as well. You can choose the Havana version that has an oval-shaped handle for a simple yet modern look. Or the Kyoto version that has a sleek and sensual design that works both for modern and traditional-styled doors or cabinets.

Aside from door handles, our hardware satin brass collection comes with the silent workhorses of the hinge world, the ball bearing hinges. Our Satin Ball Bearing Hinges and Door Flush Pulls are perfect embellishments for your kitchen cabinets, and you’ll find the hints of soft brass hues as perfect warm touches for the heart-of-the-home.

The rustic charm of barn doors has invaded urban living, and surprisingly you’ll find them comfortably set amidst the modern surround and nothing is more fitting to complete the charming look than the stylish Matt Black hardware finishes.

The sleek and clean lines of our Matt Black Door Flush Pulls are hallmarks of today’s contemporary design that suits glass-paneled doors or metal framed doors.

Our Matt Black hardware can be a striking feature behind vibrant backdrops such as lemon-colored pocket doors or teal-hued cupboards. Add our Black Matt finished Ball Bearing Hinges, and you’ll surely have an Instagram-worthy interior.

All our hardware products including our Door Flush Pulls are applied with an electroplated finish which means you’ll enjoy our quality hardware for a very long time.

The metal layer deposited through this process also makes an even surface and provides that excellent wear and corrosion resistance.

As they are easy to clean and to install, it is most important to note that our door flush pulls are ergonomically designed with a 17mm depth giving that convenient finger and handgrip.

Choosing your hardware is as important as deciding which wall paint color as hardware is both functional and aesthetically enhancing. Your hardware shouldn’t be an afterthought, instead planning together with your other design elements, makes the overall look of your living space more cohesive.

We’ve chosen the most versatile and timeless finishes and designs for all our Manovella hardware. From our Door Flush Pulls to our Door Handles you’ll notice the refined yet striking creations that are with quality and customer care guarantee.

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