The Omnipod® System provides all the benefits of insulin pump therapy while providing more flexibility and freedom than other traditional tubed pumps.

Customizable insulin delivery settings to give you what you need, when you need it.
Insulin pumps work by continuously delivering insulin at set and variable rates, mimicking the insulin release of a healthy pancreas. The Omnipod® System delivers insulin in two ways:

Basal rate: A small, constant supply of insulin is delivered automatically at a personalized, preset rate around the clock.
Bolus: Additional doses of insulin can be delivered when you need them, either around mealtime or to correct high blood glucose.
The Pod can be worn out of sight, under your clothing, and can be applied to your body almost anyplace where you could receive an injection. But you can forget needles and pens because the Pod lets you skip the distress and inconvenience of 4 to 5 injections per day. Instead, every three days, you apply a Pod featuring an insulin-providing canula that inserts automatically in 1/200th of a second with the press of a button on your PDM.

The Omnipod® System has changed the lives of individuals with diabetes across the globe, and we’re not stopping there. We continue to harness medical, scientific, and technological advances to reduce the burden of diabetes management for everyone with insulin-requiring diabetes.

The Pod
The Pod is a small, waterproof1 device that you fill with insulin and wear directly on your body.
The Pod includes a small, flexible cannula that inserts automatically with the push of a button.
The Pod communicates wirelessly3 with the Personal Diabetes Manager to program insulin delivery.
PDM Front UK
The Personal Diabetes Manager
The handheld Personal Diabetes Manager wirelessly3 manages your insulin delivery based on your settings that you program.
The Personal Diabetes Manager has a built-in FreeStyle blood glucose (BG) meter.
The information from your Personal Diabetes Manager can be uploaded directly to Insulet Provided Glooko, our comprehensive data management software.

1 ) Be aware that there are A COUPLE OF varieties of FreeStyle test strips — the “classic” whitening strips for basic FreeStyle meters and “lite” strips made particularly for the company’s mini-sized FreeStyle Lite yards. There are also two kinds of the new test pieces to service these systems. The colocar built into the OmniPod is the “classic” variety, not Lite.

2. This can be the important bit: at this point, the newer test strips are only Authorized for Abbott’s two varieties of FreeStyle meters, and have NOT YET BEEN AUTHORIZED WITH REGARD TO OMNIPOD USE. Since of this, the PR folks at both companies were just about under a gag order and unable to make much comment apart from to say “people are utilizing them. ”

3. The new strips require Simply no Coding, then when used with a regular FreeStyle meter, the system apparently does not ask you to input a computer code number. If used with the Omnipod test strips, however, you would use the coding on the vial, which seems to continually be the number 16. (whatever – as good a number as any, right? )

4. It seems pretty apparent that Abbott plans to phase out the older strips eventually, but for now, they’re making a major point of stating that the older strips are still available.

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