When you’re just starting out, you can easily get by with just one telephone line for your business. But, as your business grows, you’ll need to add more phones for staff who may be located centrally or spread out remotely around the country. Each new number and telephone line adds complexity, and so do the costs. The good news is a PBX or “private branch exchange” phone system makes expanding easy and affordable. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 8 benefits of a PBX phone system for businesses.

Internal Communications 

Traditionally, when you call someone in your office, the call goes through a local telephone company exchange. PBX systems route calls internally, cutting out the need and charges associated with using the phone company’s exchange.

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Centralize Your Control 

A PBX phone system can provide a receptionist feature that allows all the calls coming into your company’s many phones to be accessed by one number. This makes it possible to eliminate listing multiple phone numbers in directories and advertisements.


You can manage your incoming phone calls with a PBX telephone system without needing to hire a receptionist. The auto attendant function can route calls to the correct staff members and can also field questions with preprogrammed troubleshooting responses.

Flexible Call Routing 

If a key person leaves the desk, such as a sales manager or sales manager, you can set up backup routing. The call will then automatically be forwarded to another member of the sales team, so you don’t lose a potential sale. You also have the option of sending calls to a number of phones or playing specific messages while they wait.

Variable Access 

PBX systems typically come with software that allows the user to configure each line in their company. The PBX control panels allow you to give different levels access to different extensions. You can restrict phones to allow them to only call internal extensions. Other phones can be set up for calling outside of the building.

Cost Control 

PBX phone systems store logs of all incoming calls and outgoing calls. The ability to view the number of incoming calls received by your business is something that traditional systems do not offer until the bill arrives. Find out which departments are receiving the most calls and which extensions perform the most work. To maximize your return on investment in handsets, you can use usage reports to adjust the allocation of telephones.

Internet Integration

Connecting to the Internet is the latest development in PBX systems. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can channel your calls. With an internet-connected system, your calls come through to the telephone headsets on the desks in your offices but don’t actually arrive or go out through telephone networks.

Hosted PBX Features 

Hosted-PBX or cloud-based PBX have many advantages. Sales staff can access their calls and emails from their phones. Traditionally you needed to keep your staff on-premises, but with hosted PBX, you can empower your remote staff with all the tools they’d use on-premises.

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