Yeastar PBX comes with the enterprise-grade communications feature place. There are probably some useful features you have yet to discover. Read this website to explore the top 10 features that struck typically the most popular list and assist remote working in this challenging time.

IVR (Interactive Speech Response): arrange it as your always-on 24/7 receptionist
Customers contact for various purposes. To save personnel time on answering basic questions and offer even customer experience, modern organizations use IVR to customize appropriate tone of voice response greetings and custom menus, making sure incoming telephone calls come to the right person or team. For instance, callers can press “1” to attain the sales force, “2” to attain the support team, etc. Especially, during the pandemic, you can easily record and upload an announcement to see your callers of any changes in your services.

Call Forwarding: redirect inbound calls to designated destinations
As a simple call feature, call forwarding allows an incoming call to a designated destination under different conditions. It is particularly good for businesses to create multiple call forwarding guidelines to take care of different scenarios. For example, “When Busy”, ask the caller to leave a words concept. When “No answer”, engagement ring your cell phones then. During remote working, call forwarding helps redirect incoming calls from your office to alternate numbers, including a mobile phone amount or other mobile phone lines.

DID (Direct Inward Dialing): have a local quantity for international presence
Organizations nowadays are moving beyond the restrictions and are expanding to make a global footprint. Obtaining DID quantities allows you to appear as part of the neighborhood community yet not need a physical location in the region. For instance, you are a Singapore-based business looking for prospects in america. You can merely buy a DID number that is local to the united states and have it forwarded to your PBX system in Singapore. In a nutshell, DID helps businesses have an area presence all over the world.

Linkus Softphone: have the office extension in the palm of your hand
A big plus of Yeastar Cloud PBX is the free Linkus Softphone with unified marketing communications functions. Available using Microsoft House windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, Linkus gives you to not only handle business cell phone calls on your cellular phone or desktop but also enhance cooperation with conference, presence, chat, CRM Integration, etc., while keeping large call-related and equipment-related costs. It really is a great help facilitate remote working and enable boundary-less business communication experience.

Yeastar S20 IP PBX Voicemail to Email: send employees tone of voice messages to their email address
With this feature, employees will receive voice note audio files as email attachments to meet up with clients and quicken response time when out of the office, avoiding voicemail announcements being ignored and missed. Besides, with voicemails in the email folder, remote staff are permitted to categorize, rename, delete, and even onward them to colleagues if needed. Alternatively, you can also check voicemails on your mobile phone or desktop via Linkus Softphone.

Queue: let callers queue up while looking forward to an available agent
Businesses of a lot of personnel are especially in need of directing incoming phone calls to different locations such as Sales, CUSTOMER SUPPORT, etc. and make sure the callers are properly prompted. Better than being on maintain, heading to voicemail, or obtaining a active tone, the client is educated that his / her call will be handle when an agent can be obtained. For small company customer support, this feature reduces the amount of missed phone calls as well as the negative aftereffect of active alerts on customer experience.

Conference: Initiate conferences easily and quickly to bring everyone together
Random conference is a convenient way to truly have a appointment whether you are at work or not. With Linkus Mobile Client, you can assemble associates for an instantaneous achieving by initiating a discussion and invite any members with the addition of their expansion or telephone numbers on your cellular phone. Linkus will make calls to the asked parties immediately, plus they can enter the assembly by picking right up the call. Besides, you can also set up a multi-party call via the Discussion Panel on the Cloud PBX web program to get better control.

Contacts: generate a central, company-shared associates list
Many businesses require a shared internal/external contact list that is accessible to all or any or certain participants of the organization to streamline resources and facilitate business tasks. Using the feature, Cloud PBX admins can create a list of corporate and business associates distributed to certain employees while specific extensions can create and manage personal associates exclusive to themselves. As well as the associates management gaming console on the PBX’s web program, all associates are also synchronized on Linkus Softphone to enable easy dialing.

Car Provisioning: arrive plug-and-play ready by provisioning SIP endpoints in bulk
When having tons of IP phones to create from damage, the workload could basically drive you crazy. With our Cloud PBX, you may use auto phone provisioning to finish the work in large. It automatically registers SIP endpoints to Cloud PBX and gives you to configure them in the web interface, such as changing passwords and associating individual. You don’t have to be there on-site to make these changes, since you can access the phone system with administrator qualifications from any secure internet connection.

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CRM Integration: align communication and data to create greater possibilities
Your cloud-based mobile system and CRM program can complement each other through the integration. For example, when your CRM associates reach out, a pop-up display will unfold correspondent customer account and data collected from both systems for your realtors to personalize customer service. Another example, with information such as inbound and outbound call details, voicemail, recording, etc., companies will gain deeper information into customer relationships. At Yeastar, we offer free and out-of-box integration with Zoho CRM.

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