The year 2020 has been a novel one from numerous aspects—lockdown to Instagram kitchen trends, it never ceased to surprise us! Interestingly, it was this at-home time that made way for the hottest kitchen ideas to pop up and capture the social platform, like Insta. Home and kitchen remodeling became ‘a thing’ as they were temporarily transformed into personal bakeries, bar-cum-restaurants, and most importantly, offices adjacent to healthy dinners.

With white shaker kitchen cabinets making a surprising comeback on Instagram, a few less common styles made it to the top by setting whole new home décor goals for 2021 and onwards.

The Whole New World of Instagram Kitchens

The social media platform that used to be the hub of makeup and fashion gurus have recently emerged as a diverse creative station for design and architecture as well. From the paper or digital magazines, this fresh shift received a grand welcome and became an instant hit!

The kitchen, which happens to be the heart of the home, touched newer feats of artistry; thanks to the talents on Insta! Relatively put, Instagram is faster, more accessible, much varied, and free—these key contributors have made the kitchen trends a rage amongst its users, influencing, and inspiring many.

Today, bringing forth the top 5 Instagram kitchen trends so that your future upgrades never fall out of fashion.

  1. The Invincible Shaker Cabinets

Shaker Cabinets

In case you are looking for kitchen cabinets for sale and your motto is to lay hands on something not too usual, then put that thought to rest. The very popular shaker cabinets have come up to be the hottest kitchen property now. With clean lines, these classics have secured their place on top in a graceful coexistence with other contemporary pieces, such as chimneys, lighting, faucets, etc. Its five-piece door with a recessed center panel is selling like hotcakes as simplicity wins the designer tag!

But you can also go with the slab drawer fronts for they remain to be a modern favorite. If you are an ardent admirer of minute detailing, then the beadboard within stiles and rails would be just perfect. Generally, they are known as a decorative edging.

The best part is, the white shaker kitchen cabinets fit into the themes of both, modish and transitional, upholding a nice, warm, homely vibe.

  1. Wooden Floors—A Twist in the Tale

Flooring can drastically alter the atmosphere of your cooking place by impacting the overall mood. And in the last few years, the interior experts have endorsed probably everything—from chequered to the marble flooring.

Instagram exhibits people’s inclination towards wooden floors but with a twist! Now, the good old wood surfaces are nothing new, especially if you belong to a colder region. But this time straying away from the lighter shades got better engagement online. The color palette that you can focus on this season is richer and darker. Shades like, Mahogany, Espresso, Coffee, Sicilian Walnut; grayish sheets, like Iron, or the sweet Olive tint with red undertones are most sought-after.

Plus, dark wood floors are less susceptible to fading as they absorb more light and require less frequent refinishing. If you look closely, the wood grains in deeper shades are more visible than the lighter ones, and they enhance the visual appeal by adding a bit of drama to your room.

  1. The Forever Elegant White Cupboards

They say you can never go wrong with white, and evidently, the homeowners have taken this quite seriously as the term ‘white kitchen’ has over 10,000 searches a year. In fact, in October 2020, the phrase ‘white kitchen cupboards’ witnessed a 48% increase in searches than in 2019.

Beating the black, white is ruling once more, persuading countless people to invest in white kitchen furniture. So while browsing for the kitchen cabinets for sale or second-hand kitchen cupboards (if you have budget restraints), opt for the choices in white. You can also give a quick makeover to your existing kitchen equipment by painting them white.

White cooking corners release the stuffiness from the area, making it feel much brighter and airy. Your small kitchen can appear spacious if you cast a white spell.

Adding a dash of nature to cooking space has been widely accepted and loved by Instagrammers. The floral beauty is not only for your drawing-cum-dining, balcony, or patio, they can make their presence felt in the kitchens as well, increasing the charm by 10 times. From the houseplants to small buds, hanging herbs to creepers, the appliance-based kitchens come to life around the flora.

Some kitchen designs even advocate matching backsplashes to magnify the floral appeal. You can even experiment with dual hues, like the greenery of the plant and bluish backsplash that complement the white kitchen too.

  1. The Statement Kitchen Islands

While the white-based kitchens with pastel tinges breaking the Insta interior trends, the statement islands is the fifth hotshot in the line. The sites offering kitchen cabinets for sale often feature their products with marvelous islands. Even if you share your cooking corner with the drawing-room, an island would be a piece of versatile furniture serving as a tabletop, a partition, and a true embellishment.

Be it the white shaker kitchen cabinets or the kitchen flora, the aim is to constantly evolve, and make use of imagination—the gift we all have. In case you would like to visit the trends yourself, search with #kitchensofinsta, #kitchensofinstagram, #kitchensofIG, etc.


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