Over time the build-up of mould, mildew, deep-set grime, grease, dried grass and dirt in every those easy rather than very easy to see spaces on your premises become not simply an eyesore but can impact the house and the fitness of users. The benefit for a pressure wash is the fact it can cut through all of this to give you a brand new and clean property again. In addition a commercial pressure wash would clean at a much faster rate than a standard hose and a domestic pressure washer. It’s a quick and efficient way of springing your premises from winter blues to fresh clean summer feel.

A pressure wash is ideal for cleaning pavements, bricks, concrete paths and parking lots building exteriors, pool decks, fences, outdoor furniture, kids outdoor plastic/ metal/ timber toys/ playground equipment, which is even ideal for eliminating the dirt and odours from your wheely bins.

Exactly what is a pressure wash?

A Pressure Washing Houston is when water at extremely ruthless is targeted to a specific area. The controlled water pressure is via a pressure washer, a highly effective machine that is normally linked to a water hose, powered by electricity or petrol and made to amp up the power of the water whenever a user releases a trigger to cut through layers of a surface.

The amount of amps or technically speaking pressure sensitive intensity (PSI) in the pressure washer is exactly what defines how much cut-through or power that pressure washer has.

Fact: Domestic pressure washers use between 1600 and 2600 psi which is great for cleaning boots and bikes or cars. For commercial use which requires a heavier spray you want one with a 3000 psi

Here are 7 reasons to really get your property pressure washed
Improves curb appeal
That front access to your property is among the most important parts of your business, Why? They have your brand on it, it tells a tale about you as a firm and the service you provide. As an aged care, childcare, hotel, restaurant, retail or perhaps a building & maintenance company like ourselves – the presentation of any building can be perceived as a reflection of your service to future and current clients. Win them with a wow… that curbside appeal can even be the reason why they contact or enquire so keep it looking fresh.

Keeps your premises looking fresh, clean AND SAFE
A pressure wash can make your exterior look new again but it also means that it is safe for people to use or be around. For instance, your concrete paths or pavements when left with their own devices can become quite slippery when stepped learning to be a hazard to the users.

Safe for the environment
With most cleaning tools you require chemicals to completely clean with a pressure washer all you have to is water, if you can truly add cleaning products to specially designed pressure washers – its not totally necessary.

Saves cleaning time
A pressure washer cuts through grime twice as fast as a hose and if you’re by using a domestic pressure washer or maybe using a hose you might have to include scrubbing or soap to find the same result as a commercial pressure washer.

Reduces costs of repair or early replacement
You’ll be surprised by how often we find furniture, pavers, playground equipment, AstroTurf, or shade sails needing to be replaced or repaired because they weren’t properly maintained when installed. Even when your premises was power washed once every 3 -4 months it could save thousands in repair or replacement costs

Maintains the warranty on a few of your assets
Some assets like your building cladding or shade sails recommend regular cleaning in your warranty, keep a checklist useful to ensure you meet your duty of care

Prolongs the life span of your assets
We mentioned that pressure washing reduces costs and touched on saving you money in replacements but what we didn’t get into is prolonging the assets life. That is due to the fact you are maintaining the asset as you’ll with a car, servicing the maintenance on any asset prolongs the functionality, look and ultimately, it’s used. For instance, when shade sails are left with way too many leaves, mould or elsewhere it starts to impact the effectiveness on its functionality, breaking down and deteriorating the fabric over time. Or with timber decks – pressure washing the timber ensures you aren’t unintentionally rotting the deck.

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